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About VBSpeakers

VB Speakers was started in 2005.  Our primary concept of an ideal speaker is a result of over 30 years of theoretical studies and experimentation with every kind of speaker known in the art.  At this point we believe that a perfect speaker should consist of a single driver, covering a frequency range from under 20 Hz to way above 40 kHz.  As this is practically impossible, the next best thing is a “wide-range” driver, covering as much as possible of the range of acoustical music instruments and human voice, with the help of a powered woofer at the low end and a tweeter (or a super-tweeter) at the high end of the spectrum.

These are the kinds of speakers you will find in our product line, with more coming up in the future. Read more about us

Customer Experience

My goal in selecting a speaker system was to be able to enjoy music that represented the most of the audio spectrum as possible in a non-fatiguing way as I listen for prolonged periods while reading, writing, and at times even focus on critically listening to the music.  

Of utmost importance was the need to satisfy the wife acceptance factor.  

This was planned for a system set up in our living room, which previously was impenetrable to any other audio system I attempted to introduce.  

The Trioka/Olaf system was initially set up to be showcased for a NJ Audio Society meeting being held in my home.  

My spouse was usually accepting of this as she knew the system would be moved to my basement listening room shortly thereafter. 

I worked with VB Speakers to create the best compromise of the greatest reproduction I could achieve in a package size that wouldn’t dominate the rather substantial living room (20’ x 43’). 

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Free DIY Project

Here is a project we offer for DIY types out there. Some years ago it was sold at E-speakers.com together with Hemp FR8 full-range driver. These drivers have disappeared from the market for some time, and the project was taken down. However, now the drivers are again available on E-Speakers site, so we decided to publish the full documentation package. Please, keep in mind that a folded horn cabinet requires woodworking skills, above a novice level.

The package consists of two PDF files:

  1. Documentation package
  2. Drawings package.