Customer Experience

My goal in selecting a speaker system was to be able to enjoy music that represented the most of the audio spectrum as possible in a non-fatiguing way as I listen for prolonged periods while reading, writing, and at times even focus on critically listening to the music.  

Of utmost importance was the need to satisfy the wife acceptance factor.  

This was planned for a system set up in our living room, which previously was impenetrable to any other audio system I attempted to introduce.  

The Trioka/Olaf system was initially set up to be showcased for a NJ Audio Society meeting being held in my home.  

My spouse was usually accepting of this as she knew the system would be moved to my basement listening room shortly thereafter. 

I worked with VB Speakers to create the best compromise of the greatest reproduction I could achieve in a package size that wouldn’t dominate the rather substantial living room (20’ x 43’). Read the full testimonial

The ability to modify crossover frequency, damping, boost and phase on the fly gives me the utmost in flexibility. I have auditioned the speakers in rooms up to 3 times the size of mine and they handled the task with aplomb. Being able to order the amp with balanced inputs allows for a 50’ balanced IC from the sources hidden in the back of the room to the speakers & amps up front in silence was a necessity. I can listen to many genres of music, change settings to suit the music as needed, if needed, and work away. The ability to do this in the intended space in my living room for more than two years now is priceless. Of course, thank you to my wife for your acceptance.

Bravo VB Speakers!
Problems solved.


The addition of the Olaf subwoofers to my audio system was revelatory. I had long been a fan of very high quality 2-way stand mounted speakers, with the great detail and soundstage associated with such speakers. And I was not a fan of “big bass”, so subwoofers seemed unnecessary to me. However, after hearing the full, well balanced, and more detailed sound of several full-range speakers, and then wanting more from my audio system, I began to consider options for a fuller range speaker setup in my system. The problem: subs that were top rated were extremely expensive. Vadim suggested that I pair my 2-way Ellis 1801b speakers with quality stereo subwoofers – specifically his Olaf design. I stressed that I wanted a sub that was musical and very very clean. The result is magical. The new low end adds significant definition and extension to the overall sound, yet it is seamlessly integrated into the 2-way speaker. I cross over at 100Hz, and the new clearer low end of system reproduction with the Olaf’s has improved the “you are there” realism, provided the complete measure of frequency extension, and, surprisingly, has added substantial definition and detail to my system’s sound (something that I would never had imagined to be possible with subs…). Also, the active crossover design allows the system to be tuned to the room more precisely than I would have imagined. Overall, I would probably say the Olaf speakers with active crossover are the single most significant improvement to my system’s sound, even more so than new source and amplification components.

Not a big bass fan