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Vadim makes a number of other models; one that I heard that was quite intriguing uses a Manger driver and LCY-K100 ribbon, sitting atop an Olaf-style woofer. It, too, is very coherent, but with greater impact than the Olaf/Troika. Vadim is also working on a larger Olaf woofer, which would use a 12” driver in a larger cabinet. While this would provide even greater bass output, its main benefits will be lower distortion and the ability to accommodate a larger top unit. I hope to report on new models as they become available.

For the 7th New Jersey Audio Society meeting in 2012, Rob Paull was very gracious to open his home, all tidied up, to the fellowship. The grand auditorium was organized to host the 40-odd members in attendance, a good crowd indeed.

Rather than the usual rousing opening speech from Russ Prince, this meeting opened with a substantial listening session led by Vadim Boguslavskiy, NJAS speaker maker extraordinaire, with music of his choice played through his VB speakers. Those speakers were the focus of the meeting.

Evidently about 30 of our Society members felt good about the meeting too, because that was the crowd on September 19 for the Speaker Maker Meeting featuring Father Richard and Vadim Boguslavskiy.