Olaf & Troika – combined full-range speaker

Olaf & Troika – combined full-range speaker
Olaf & Troika – combined full-range speaker
Olaf & Troika – combined full-range speaker
Olaf & Troika – combined full-range speaker

It just so happens that Troika and Olaf fit together rather well: acoustically, electrically and aesthetically. Resulting speaker system covers extremely wide frequency range from below 20 Hz all the way to 100 kHz. It provides exceptional level of detail retrieval, deep, but tightly controlled bass, lots of air in the heights and superb imaging.

This package is among the smallest truly full-range speakers on the market today. It is capable of providing life-like dynamics even in a very large room, even when filled with people.

The system also looks good enough to be allowed its space in a modern living room.

We recommend crossing Troika to Olaf either at 160, or 200 Hz. Other adjustments of the VB1 crossover-amp allow for precise tailoring of the system response to both the room and the taste of the owner. The system requires a separate pre-amp and power amp (or two monoblocks) for the Troikas. Integrated amplifier with pre-outs / power inputs, or just with external processor loop can also be used. The signal from the pre-amp should be routed to the Olafs, whose high-pass outputs have to be fed to the power amp. The amplifier’s (or monoblocks’) outputs should be connected to the Troikas with speaker cables of your choice. Due to the very good impedance behavior of the Troika speakers, tube or solid state amplifiers with even modest output power would be adequate for this system. One of the frequent set-ups is the one in which the pre-amp is located close to the sources and listening position, while the power amp (or amps) are located close to the speakers and the front wall. Long interconnects are best handled in balanced form for this application.

  1. Olaf input and output: balanced or RCA, can be selected separately at the time of order
  2. Less-expensive passive XO parts for Troika
  3. Any wood veneer in the world (although it may result in a longer lead time)
  4. Finishes:
    • Stain, Poly
    • Stain, pre-catalyzed lacquer
    • Oil finish, wax (our favorite)
  5. Footers for the Olafs:
    • Outriggers
    • Spikes
    • Herbie’s Dots, gliders, etc…
  6. Your choice of binding posts, although big Cardas are recommended

We currently offer a 10% discount on Troika and Olaf speakers, if ordered together. This means that a pair of full-range Troika/Olaf speakers will cost $12,150.00