Opening session for 7th New Jersey Audio Society meeting in 2012 led by Vadim Boguslavskiy

For the 7th New Jersey Audio Society meeting in 2012, Rob Paull was very gracious to open his home, all tidied up, to the fellowship. The grand auditorium was organized to host the 40-odd members in attendance, a good crowd indeed.  

Rather than the usual rousing opening speech from Russ Prince, this meeting opened with a substantial listening session led by Vadim Boguslavskiy, NJAS speaker maker extraordinaire, with music of his choice played through his VB speakers. Those speakers were the focus of the meeting.


Playback came to us through an Apple mini using Pure Play software, then through Rob’s MSB DAC/ pre, with 60 ft. long balanced cables going to the subwoofer amps. The outputs from the subwoofers were fed to Rob’s modified ASL Hurricanes, which in turn powered the monitors sitting on top of the subwoofers. Collectively the subs and monitors looked like a gorgeous pair of hand-rubbed cherry speakers. 

As Vadim put it, you want to caress the speakers, the finish was that nice. 

After you had your way touching the speakers, you could let the sound return the favor and caress you with its light, airy, 3D-like image. 


After 30 minutes of listening to the pre-determined selections, we broke to feed the body, burping from a full soul. Personally the spring rolls were a hit for me. The resumption of the meet saw Rob walk us through the audio system and its nuances.

Vadim, the doting father of the speakers, was next, giving us details of the experience, the selection of components, the goals and the challenges. The details were clearly explained in the handouts. Those who don’t have the handouts or would like an electronic copy, check with the editors or VB for an e-copy. Sorry, the gold plated copies are all gone.

Clearly, tremendous amounts of experience, research, energy and passion have gone into the speakers. VB has been looking at speaker designs since he was 11 (or was it 11th grade?). Each component and driver was improved on over the years. Relationships with Phil Marchand and Rob Paull helped to perfect these speakers, with Marchand providing the unique custom plate amp. For the tweeter VB picked an Asian design after much research, a choice I found intriguing since Asian designs have received so little attention to date -- due to language, business and cultural differences.  Wading through the multitude of offerings, not afraid to use an unknown, VB’s choice demonstrated his confidence and skill in speaker design.

By the way, these speakers are custom built and we can purchase them directly from Vadim, hence the name VB speaker. [Personally I think Boguslavskiy Speakers has more of a cache to it, very exotic. Like a Siberian White Tiger! Well that is why I am not in Marketing...MW] Check out the web site