We have set out to design a small speaker, which is neutral in tonal balance and very accurate. The base should be fast and tight, without higher base boom to compensate for the lack of lowest end extension due to size. It should retrieve low-level details, heights should be airy and imaging must be exceptional. Speakers have to disappear into the acoustic space. They also should look good enough to be accepted in the modern living spaces.

There is a huge variety of small to medium size, predominantly two-way speakers on the market today. Most of them share excellent coherence, precise imaging and good transient response. However, even the best of them share several common problems:
• They need to be mounted on some kind of sturdy stand
• They lack the last one, and often even two octaves of low-end bass.

In our opinion, a speaker system, which cannot reproduce the foundation of music, is incomplete. Now there is no excuse for it:
Enter VB Speakers’ answer to these problems – Olaf

It just so happens that Troika and Olaf fit together rather well: acoustically, electrically and aesthetically. Resulting speaker system covers extremely wide frequency range from below 20 Hz all the way to 100 kHz. It provides exceptional level of detail retrieval, deep, but tightly controlled bass, lots of air in the heights and superb imaging.