VB Speakers “Troika” prototype was presented at September 2010 meeting of New Jersey Audio Society

Below is an excerpt from the Club newsletter “The Source”:

September 2010 Meeting Report 

Can you think of a better way to spend a mild, sunny September afternoon than by visiting Father Richard Davidson and his speaker maker studio/home in Jackson? I can't.


Evidently about 30 of our Society members felt good about the meeting too, because that was the crowd on September 19 for the Speaker Maker Meeting featuring Father Richard and Vadim Boguslavskiy.


Each of the two had a chance to display loudspeakers that they had designed and built.

By agreement between Vadim and Father R, speakers were demonstrated from the least expensive to the most expensive (in terms of price to build)…and both with and without subwoofer added.

Father Richard first presented his remarkable $600 (or $1000 if you add the subwoofer) Astonishing Budget System, a self-powered small stand-mounted speaker system. Most everybody there, myself included, had to admit it sounded much too good for that kind of a price. I wrote about this system in an earlier issue, and everything I said then still goes. You know anybody wants cheapo entry into our lunatic habit, send them to Father Richard for one of these. And then ask Father Richard to hear your confession, and ask God to forgive you for what you just did to this poor person.  The decent thing to do would have been to tell them to run away while they still have some money and some sanity left. :-)

Father Richard then brought out his Butterflys … the new, more conventional stand-mounted speakers he has been working on in recent times. While not as good-looking as Vadim's entry, they were nonetheless acoustically superb.

Next up were a pair of stand-mounted speakers from The Prize We Stole from The Ukraine.  Many were the “Ooh – ahhs” just for the speaker’s looks (both of our presenters are concerned about the WAFs of their creations).  The sound also had people cooing. Vadim has been working on this one for quite a while, and the long effort paid off, my ears told me.  Particularly impressive to Russ Prince’s aging ears was the smooth and extended response of the tweeter, an excellent driver that Vadim has also used to good effect as a supertweeter (in his large Manger driver-based floorstander that we heard at last year’s meeting at his home).  Vadim also used a small subwoofer of his own design in showing his speakers which was remarkable for the deep and controlled bass it put out from a relatively small enclosure.